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Why We Teach

Why We Teach Medical Students and Precept Residents

Teaching facilitates understanding like no other endeavor in a day’s work.
Teaching enhances patient care.

    1. Our own clinical knowledge is regularly updated.
      We learn, along with our students and residents, the latest established medical information. As professional society recommendations and guidelines change, so must our practice recommendations.
    2. Patient education increases.
      Medical students are enthusiastic learners, who can take the extra time to help educate patients about diseases and their treatment. They enjoy this opportunity, learn from it and benefit our patients as well.
    3. Research support is more quickly available for the uncommon.
      Many times, students and residents research specific diseases, which may not have guidelines yet established. They use professional websites at the point of care, which is most helpful in making the best decision for the patient. Medical students and residents are efficient at obtaining information electronically and quickly gaining access to the data needed.
    4. The office has more energy.
      Precepting is a rewarding experience that adds a new level of excitement to everyday patient care. Students are excited to perform tasks that may be routine for the physician staff. Their enthusiasm spreads quickly! The change of pace is rejuvenating.
    5. Enhanced Credentials
      We are proud to be affiliated with the Campbell University School of Medicine (CUSOM), Duke SR-AHEC Family Medicine Residency program, the Duke University School of Nursing, the Duke University Nurse Practioner Program, the Methodist University PA Program and the UNC School of Pharmacy. We serve as Assistant Professors and Community Preceptors for the these programs. Nonetheless, we do not teach, at the sacrifice of patient care. On the contrary, patient care is enhanced.Not teaching may lead to becoming relatively stagnant in medical knowledge and management, even with the maintenance of certification requirement for all physicians. Teaching also helps learners create their goals and expectations, promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and form strategies for giving constructive feedback.
    6. Opportunities for Staff
      Precepting provides every staff member an opportunity to instruct in their field, i.e. nursing, lab technician, scheduling, billing, practice managing. Our staff is a valuable part of the team.
    7. Appreciation From the Community
      Patients appreciate our efforts to help ensure the next generation of doctors is prepared to care for the families in our community.
    8. A Chance to Give Back
      Precepting gives us the opportunity to give back and make a contribution to the next generation of doctors, just as doctors once did for us.



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