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Unbelievably happy with the decision

I am so unbelievably happy with the decision to go to Fayetteville Children’s Clinic. The office is extremely clean, and everyone from the doctors to the front desk are very friendly and accommodating. I am very surprised at the other reviews on this office- we are on Tricare Standard and have not had a single problem. We never wait for more than a few minutes once we arrive at the office. Dr. Iskander and her nurse are both wonderful- I feel like they truly care about my child and her health, rather than just trying to get to the next patient. They also have a lactation consultant, 24 hour nurse’s hotline, and walk-in sick hours Monday- Saturday. I also really like that there are certain hours for sick and well patients, rather than having both in the office at the same time. I am so beyond happy I decided to bring my child to this clinic, rather than having her go to a military doctor or to one of the sketchy offices near Cape Fear. -SG